Best Cheese Slicer 2020: Top Full Guide, Review

Best Cheese Slicer 2020: Top Full Guide, Review

Are you looking for the Best Cheese Slicer? Not sure which model to pick up? Then you NEED to see this list.

Cheese fans are certain to agree that cutting on the ideal slice can be challenging. This is particularly true once you’re in a rush and have hungry mouths to feed. Cutting smooth as well as pieces of cheese sometimes take a great deal of practice.

To obtain the ideal product, you’d normally have to wade through endless finest cheese slicer reviews. However, there’s no demand for any of this because Kingsley‘s done the hard work for you.

Advantages of Having a Cheese Slicer

  • Time-saving:

Owning a cheese slicer can help you save time and energy. A cheese slicer can allow you to complete your work quickly. And it’s also quite easy to use, so you don’t have to do much work.

  • Precise cuts:

Due to this cheese slicer, it is possible to cut cheese into equivalent and exact pieces.

  • Cost-effective:

You do not need to purchase to get pre-wrapped cheese. You can now slice cheese all on your own.

Different types of Cheese Slicers

  • Handheld Slicers

These slicers follow a setup that’s usually termed as the”European style”. They have to be managed manually by storing them at a specific angle. There’s a sharp blade inserted inside the steel construction where the pieces are primarily created. No cable is included here.

  • Slicers using a Base

This solid thick platform made from wood, marble, or any other powerful material is utilized as the foundation. With the support of a wire, the brick of cheese is cut into a smooth bits range. To put it differently, the cable works as the blade. These slicers are a breeze to wash but have a tendency to twist if placed in the dishwasher.

Best Cheese Slicers

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1. Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer

The Bellemain consists of a strong zinc alloy for increased durability. Additionally, it boasts a flexible metallic cheese cord and adjustable wire cutter for designing cheese slices thickness.

The cable of the Adjustable Cheese Slicer may be adjusted to three distinct positions. This was made to make it very easy for consumers to reach the desired thickness. Whether you would rather paper-thin thick or cheese slabs, you will get anything you want, whenever you would like.

The cheese slicer includes a sleek grip for comfortable usage. Additionally, it features a replacement wire that’s constructed from stainless steel. It follows that users need to have the ability to wait a long time before having to obtain a brand new one.

This innovative instrument makes slicing cheese a cinch. Unlike traditional knives, no sharpening is required. Lovers of cheese might want to employ a tiny bit of additional pressure, but that is simple enough.


  • Designed to be quite durable.
  • Adjustable wire for management over depth.
  • Quick and simple to use.
  • Comes with replacement wires.
  • Simple to wash.


  • The cable can break quite easily.
  • Not perfect for hard cheese.

2. Westmark Germany Multipurpose Stainless Steel Cheese And Food Slicer

Germany is known for producing high-quality, higher-tech kitchen gear. German products usually boast amazing artistry and materials. And, as a bonus, they are normally constructed to last.

This version boasts an ergonomic design and a stainless steel blade combined with an aluminum cast manager. The slicer also includes a plank constructed from ABS material along with also a completely adjustable scale. This makes picking the ideal cheese depth a cinch.

This slicer may also manage different kinds of food like vegetables and fruit. This makes it particularly flexible. This is one kitchen assistant that cooks are going to want to stay near hand.

Like most German appliances, the Westmark Slicer isn’t very likely to win any beauty competitions. But, it works perfectly and includes an impressive five-year guarantee. Concerning pure functionality and flexibility, this is a superb option.


  • Boasts a stainless steel blade.
  • Ideal for different varieties of food.
  • Features a flexible blade.
  • Strong and durable construction.
  • Has a five-year warranty.


  • Not perfect for really hard cheese.
  • Doesn’t include a security feature.

3. OXO 1071567 Cheese Slicer With Replaceable Wires

If it gets down to the wire, lots of cheese slicers are not durable enough to make the grade. OXO has produced a cheese slicer that claims to provide around a long time of use. This makes it among the longest-lasting models available on the market.

Among the wonderful things about this particular cheese, the slicer is that it includes replaceable wires. When a cable snaps, it’s an easy matter to substitute it. However, every cable is intended to be somewhat heavy-duty and long-lasting to assist this version in extending it.

The cables are put through a unique wheel onto the cheese slicer with molded end caps to keep them in place. Users may move the wheel to adjust the thickness of the cheese slivers which are provided. Nevertheless, this is sometimes somewhat tricky to grasp.

The specific handle is somewhat pliable for the simplicity of usage. This slicer is very versatile, and a single tilt of the hand will adjust the thickness of the slices. A little practice is all that’s necessary.


  • Durable design.
  • The cable can be adjusted to the desired depth.
  • Has a replacement wire.
  • Cuts cheese efficiently.


  • The cable isn’t particularly durable.
  • Fixing the angle is rather hard.
  • Doesn’t cut very thin pieces.

4. Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer

This effort from the founders to add something fresh to the normal slicer layout is commendable. But, it hasn’t proved its value up to now to the clients. A number have opined that the prior technique to fine-tune the depth of the pieces appeared more profitable.

Nevertheless, other noteworthy features of this product include the cable and the roller made from stainless steel. Hence that the slicer isn’t predicted to fall prey to rust or other chemical damages anytime soon. The tightness of the cable is sufficient to press on balls of cheese and cut them easily.

The handle is constructed from aluminum as other Westmark products, but the dimension is a bit too small for clients to use comfortably. In terms of cleansing, it’s unbelievably easy to wash. Simply set it into a dishwasher and then leave the remainder to the device!

Should you face any problem with this utensil or it breaks down too fast, you may demand your money back from your vendors. All of these include a 5-year guarantee, which makes it possible for this benefit.


  • German made
  • Tight steel cable
  • Smooth steel roller
  • Aluminum handle
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cheap


  • Small and lean handle
  • Faulty adjustable angle

5. Norpro Heavy-Duty Adjustable Cheese Slicer

Norpro is also a recognizable brand for producing many handy kitchen gears. You may observe there are Norpro meat tenderizers, choppers,… along with Norpro cheese slicer. Possessing many years of expertise within this discipline, products from this brand will not cause you to regret it.

This tool can help you slice pasta fastly and just. You can easily correct the clipping depth to your likings. It’ll be a fantastic tool if you wish to enjoy a tasty cheesy sandwich or hamburger.

The product has a durable, heavy-duty zinc metal construction that may maintain strong and long-lasting functionality. Moreover, there’s also an additional stainless steel cutting cable, so it is simple to replace the outdated cutting cord once it becomes dull.


  • Providing extra cutting cable
  • The handle is Simple to Use.
  • Effortless to Correct the slicing thickness
  • Little and space-saving


  • Quite heavy

6. Bjorklund Cheese Slicer

The Bjorklund cheese slicer is a cheese plane. Even though the product has a simple look, you should not underestimate it. With this cheese slicer, you can produce perfect cheese pieces to serve your loved one’s members and friends.

This type of cheese slicer will provide the best outcome when setting the blade flat on the cheese. You do not have to place much pressure. Simply set the slicer in the ideal place and easily slice the cheese.

The blade is constructed from stainless steel for durability, and the handle is constructed from wood, which means that you can easily grip it and easily carry your task. This cheese slicer includes a sensible price because of its simplicity.


  • Creating perfectly lean cheese pieces
  • Cutting cheese and readily
  • Lightweight
  • Great shape with wooden handle


  • You Can’t correct the clipping thickness.
  • It’s not Acceptable for hard cheese.

7. Kitchen Basix Cheese Slicer

As the final product, the Kitchen Basix cheese slicer can also be a cheese plane. But this cheese airplane is stronger than the preceding one. It can handle both tender cheese and hard cheese.

Made with stainless steel, the Kitchen Basix cheese slicer is rust-resistant and will certainly work excellently for a long time to come. The chrome-like layout creates the cheese slicer seeming appealing and eye-catching.

As a result of the ergonomic handle, you can take your job smoothly. The handle of the cheese slicer includes a rubberized cover. Therefore it’s thick but gentle enough to fit your hands perfectly. Therefore, cutting off cheese is a cinch.


  • Suitable soft rubberized handle
  • Durable rust-resistant material
  • Reasonable Price
  • A risk-free product with a lifetime warranty
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Unable to adjust the clipping thickness

8. Prodyne 805b Thick Beechwood Cheese Slicer

This cheese slicer board from Prodyne is a great option if you’re looking for a wire cheese slicer that’s simple to use and built to last. This is a great option for those who don’t prefer a handheld cheese slicer.

This product is particularly hard-wearing and great at absorbing shocks. The non-slip rubber feet help provide additional safety and stability while the slicer is used.

A slick black arm and handle are incorporated into the plank. The cheese cord itself includes a complete guarantee. This implies that if it happens to break at any moment, Prodyne will replace it for free.

But, users should be careful not to place the Prodyne 805B Thick Beech wood Cheese Slicer from the dishwasher. Doing this can cause the wood to warp slightly. Additionally, the veneer onto the timber is in a position to peel after extensive usage.


  • Willing to cut really thin slices.
  • Features replaceable cables.
  • Has a lifetime warranty.
  • Special non-slip rubber toes.


  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • The plank veneer is very likely to peel.

9. Boska Holland Monaco Collection Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer

This Boska Holland Monaco Collection Stainless Steel Cheese slicer seems the easiest amongst all similar choices. It seems exactly like a simple scooping instrument but with a twist! This makes it among those cheese slicers for house usage.

This fashionable cheese slicer hails from Holland – the territory of delicious Dutch cheese. Being in the industry since 1896they perfected the layout to allow it to be easy, efficient, and modern all at precisely the same moment.

The sharp thin blade has been built into the grip smartly so you can deal with the cheese block and then keep the resulting pieces handily. The entire construction is made from stainless steel and therefore is somewhat pricier than its rivals.

There are no wires involved with this, and consequently, there’s no requirement to correct or substitute them constantly! But this means you can not customize your pieces’ depth by your wish. The well-constructed and hardy slicer is intended particularly for semi-hard to hard cheese, although many users have voiced pride in cutting soft cheese using it also.

To clean this up after use, simply leave them in the dishwasher and unwind! Its amazing 10-year warranty proves how positive the producers are all on its quality and durability.


  • Dishwasher safe​​​​​
  • Stainless steel blade and handle
  • Intelligent European layout
  • 10-year guarantee
  • No cable


  • Not broad enough for Larger cubes
  • No depth modification
  • Costly

10. Fox Run 3841 Marble Cheese Slicer

Fox Run has produced a high-quality cheese slicer that features attractive marble designs. Does this cheese slicer seem magnificent? But it’s also quite durable.

The gray and white strokes around the marble surface of the cheese slicer are extremely attractive. Individuals who have granite countertops are certain to discover this version is the best accompaniment. Cooks who enjoy their appliances are certain to be in their element.

The Fox Run 3841 Marble Cheese Slicer isn’t only a pretty face. This is a cheese wire cutter that’s crafted from stainless steel that works well work both soft and hard cheeses. Two additional cables are provided to produce this model additional long-lasting.

Among the wonderful things about marble is the fact that it doesn’t absorb unpleasant odors or moisture. The surface stays cool at all times to prevent cheese from perspiration.

The only disadvantage of this cheese slicer is the fact that it can’t be just thrown in the dishwasher. But, it’s quite easy to clean by hand. Simply apply a tiny soap wash, and pat dry.


  • Strong and attractive marble construction.
  • Comes with two substitute wires.
  • Simple to wash.
  • Features non-slip rubber toes.
  • Creates very even pieces.


  • Not perfect for big chunks of cheese.
  • Not dishwasher safe.

11. Barmix Cheese Slicer

Very similar to Boskas, this slicer shows a simplistic layout and arrangement. It’s constructed from the young Chinese manufacturer named Barmix beneath the Attican group, devoted to providing kitchen appliances and tools.

Owing to the European settings, it does not just work on creating thin slices of cheese but can also be utilized as a peeler and pie host if you would like. The thin gap interior decides the diameter of the pieces produced and can be altered by shifting the angle in which it’s held.

The handle is long enough to hold comfortably and has a black rubber coat on it, making it much simpler to operate. Its construction allows better cutting of hard or semi-hard cheese compared to the milder varieties.

After getting done with all the pieces, simply put it in the dishwasher and continue other daily activities. When it does not meet your requirements or criteria, you may either request receiving back your money or get a replacement slicer.


  • Non-slip rubberized handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cheap
  • European style
  • Money back if not satisfied
  • Lightweight


  • Inconsistent thickness
  • Lean pieces only
  • Not for big cheese cubes
  • Not lasting

12. WalterDrake Marble Cheese Slicer & Serving Tray

The WaterDrake cheese slicer includes a sharp stainless steel cable that could cut fast and just through the toughest block of cheese. It is possible to observe that marble is commonly utilized in the kitchen instrument.

The motive for this is that marble is smooth, non-toxic, and simple to wash. Furthermore, a cheese slicer of marble gives your kitchen a trendy and fashionable look. With the durable stainless steel arm and cutting wires, it is possible to safely and securely cut cheese.

One suggestion for utilizing this slicer is to set the cheese from the refrigerator before cutting to guarantee the best outcome. And you will find the rubber feet to guarantee the slicer stands while cutting.


  • Sharp stainless steel cutting wires
  • Proving two additional cables
  • Non-toxic and glossy marble coating
  • Simple to wash and store


  • Unable to adjust the depth

13. Chef Craft 20780 Cheese Slicer

The Chef Craft 20780 cheese slicer is a rolling cheese slicer. With all the stainless steel blades, you can cut cheese readily and efficiently into equivalent and perfect pieces. The durable construction permits the cheese slicer to operate consistently.

Since stainless steel is more resistant to rust, the blade may stay sharp for quite a very long moment. The handle of it’s made from plastic so that you can wash it easily and safely hold it.

The Chef Craft cheese slicer is safe for the dishwasher, so it’s a helpful tool for everyday use.


  • Rust-resistant and durable blade
  • Simple to wash
  • Comfortable handle


  • You can adjust the depth of the chopped cheese.
  • No Excess replacement cutting wires provided

14. KitchenAid KE133OHOBA Classic Cheese Slicer

KitchenAid is also a favorite brand of kitchen gear. And KitchenAid cheese slicer also has many crucial features that you can’t deny. Whether or not you would like to slice hard or semi-soft cheese, this cheese slicer can serve you.

The 301 rust-resistant stainless steel is hardy enough to slice cheese easily and speedily. One thing which makes me fancier this product the most is its handle. The glistening ABS handle provides you with relaxation in holding.

And the handle can also be ergonomic and soft, which means that you may have the ideal equilibrium in using. This product can be dishwasher safe, so cleaning is much comfier for you.


  • Safe for dishwasher
  • Simple to clean and use
  • Durable and sturdy blade


  • Impossible to adjust the depth

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Cheese Slicer

  • Varying thickness

If you and your household are utilized to consuming different cheese dishes, each demanding its type of thick pieces, you have to put money into a slicer, which lets you achieve that. Normally, slicers of the group have an adjusting knob or dial incorporated into the body that will help you correct the resulting pieces’ width. Additionally, many others need one to cut the cheese block at a specific angle.

  • Consistency

The most important cause of the creation of cheese slicers would be to get cuts. Otherwise, the knife was doing its job rather by providing you the pieces at a less expensive range. Having the capability to produce consistent bits is essential for new cutters because today, most of us expect our dishes not to taste great but also seem elegant.

  • Security

These cheese slicers have to be great enough to ensure security for the consumer. In this respect, the European designed ones or those in which the individual must put his palms over the slicer to operate, are more harmful than others. In this way, the epidermis customer’s hand may get scraped off with just a tiny slide. The blades within these devices also have to be handled carefully because virtually all of them are made from sharp stainless steel.

  • Durability

Decide on a slicer that will endure for a minimum of six decades. The instrument’s fabric shouldn’t be something that gets corrupted or damaged after a calendar year only. They ought to have the ability to tolerate hard stress and keep away from becoming rust. That is the reason why stainless steel is popular for slicers and cutters. It barely ever drops a prey to rust and generally lasts for nearly a decade.

Additionally, the manufacturers should provide a minimum of one replacement cable if the first one goes from service. It occurs all too frequently to get a cheese slicer and therefore has to be considered a”must-have” while purchasing.

  • Flexibility

We mean that the product has to be equally successful on both hard and soft cheese blocks by flexibility. It needs to be in a position to cut through tough things such as Parmigiano, Pecorino Romano, and Grana Padano and make its way easily through the softness of blue cheese, Cheddar, Mozzarella, and Fondue.

The consumers shouldn’t feel the necessity to forfeit their craving or taste for a specific cheese simply because his slicer isn’t flexible enough.

  • Cleanup

Be it manual or dishwasher soap therapy, washing a cheese slicer ought to be simple and convenient. Scraping off residual bits shouldn’t appear difficult for the consumer. They will need to go off in a single stroke and save everybody some precious time.

  • Warranty

When there’s no guarantee on the product, it’s a fantastic indication that the provider isn’t quite confident in their invention. Having a guarantee ranging from only one year to a decade, you can ensure the producers’ reliability degree. The top ones in the industry offer to deliver a replacement slicer or cable once you notify them.

If they can not provide a replacement, a guarantee can guarantee to offer you the cashback.


Which Style of Cheese Slicer Is Greatest Convenient to Slice a Huge Chunk of Cheese?

To deal with a huge block of cheese, I believe that you ought to use the plank cheese slicer. The board is generally large, and the blade is long enough to deal with a massive chunk of cheese.

How Do You Slice Cheese With a Cheese Slicer?

Slicing cheese with a designed cheese slicer is simple. Whether you choose a handheld cheese slicer or a cheese board with a wire cutter, all you need to do is set up your cheese on a clean dry surface and glide the blades through the cheese. The slicer takes all the guesswork out of cheese preparation!

Must We Sharpen the Blade Often?

No. Since many cheese slicer blades are made from stainless steel that’s lasting and rust-resistant. The blade won’t quickly secure dull so that you do not have to sharpen it frequently.

Additionally, there are normally added cutting wires coming together with the product so that you do not have to fret much.

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