Best Compact Microwave 2021: Top Full Guide, Review

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It’s incontrovertible that owning a microwave provides you with loads of advantages in your kitchen. Imagine you could prepare or warm up your meals in only one button press. But if your kitchen is quite small, you need to consider a compact microwave.

Best Compact Microwave

Best Compact Microwaves

Bestseller No. 3
BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven with Turntable Push-Button Door, Child Safety Lock, 700W, Stainless Steel, 0.7 Cu.ft
BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven with Turntable Push-Button Door, Child Safety Lock, 700W, Stainless Steel, 0.7 Cu.ft
700 Watts with 10 power settings, clock and kitchen timer, 30 Seconds Express Cooking; Push-button door release for easy access
SaleBestseller No. 4
Toshiba EM925A5A-SS Microwave Oven with Sound On/Off ECO Mode and LED Lighting, 0.9 Cu. ft/900W, Stainless Steel
Toshiba EM925A5A-SS Microwave Oven with Sound On/Off ECO Mode and LED Lighting, 0.9 Cu. ft/900W, Stainless Steel
Equipped with power-saving Eco mode, sound on/off option and child safety lock
Bestseller No. 6
Cuisinart CMW-70 Stainless Steel Microwave Oven, Silver
Cuisinart CMW-70 Stainless Steel Microwave Oven, Silver
0. 7 cubic-foot capacity; 700 watts; 11 power levels (0%-100%); Easy auto-cook functions: Popcorn, Potato, Pizza, Frozen Veggie, Beverage, Reheat

1. Toshiba Em925a5a-Bs Microwave Oven

The first thing you see with all the Toshiba EM925A5A-BS microwave toasters is its styling, exquisite black stainless steel end. Elegant, it’s also lasting. This is a good layout, which makes for a great match with almost any kitchen.

It’s easy to use as its buttons are soft-touch. One-touch beginning, and six preset recipe warmth settings, you get it easy. Within this microwave is a glass turntable, which guarantees you get heat to all meals elements.

It’s ten power settings, a timer, and a defrost (by time or by weight) alternative. And, running at 900 watts, in its greatest power setting (10 power settings), it moves to a hibernate mode to save your electricity when not being used.

Having an inside LED light, audio notification alternative, and kid safety lock combines features with a purpose!

Included with its buy is a one-year warranty, as a different kind of assurance!

Oven capacity: 0.9 cubic feet


  • Fantastic layout and complete.
  • Soft-touch buttons.
  • Preset heat settings make it a lot easier to use.
  • Glass turntables cause even heat distribution.
  • Power saving manner.
  • Interior LED light.
  • Sound notification choice.
  • Child safety lock.
  • One year warranty.


  • Requires about twice the typical time to acquire food hot.
  • Several complaints regarding chemical odor later months of usage.

2. Commercial Chef Chm660b Countertop Counter Top Microwave

The industrial Chef CHM660B Countertop is an oven which promises to utilize less electricity when providing premium outcomes. During its maximum of 600 watts, it can deliver on more-than-basic-operations.

It’s not difficult to use. Just select your power level with any of those six pre-settings out of its mechanical dial. Then you determine how long you would like it to operate by hitting a 1 to 30-minute time setting that shows on its timer also begins its countdown that ends with a dong ring to alarm you.

Better still, it’s a large handle that’s quite a bit more comfortable to use, even if you’re wearing gloves. Made easier to use with a rotary dial, the CHM660B comes in a black or white color choice.

This microwave needs very low maintenance. It’s simple to wash, and its glass turntable is removable and also being dishwasher harmonious.

When not being used, it consumes zero electricity. It is possible as it does not have any unnecessary standby display, which could be a pest in the nighttime. So, simply plug it in and turn it off, no problem!


  • Variation of colors to select from.
  • Energy conservative.
  • Six preset heat choices.
  • Glass turntables cause heating.
  • Simple to wash.
  • Enlarged manage and a rotary dial to make it a lot easier to use.
  • Safe once plugged in indefinitely.


  • Usually just works about annually.

3. Samsung MG14H3020CM 1.4 Cu. Ft. Countertop Grill Microwave Oven

Tired of seeing that meals turn whenever you’re extremely hungry? You will not be using the Samsung MG14H3020CM. Staring at this toaster only shows you your manifestation, which will likely crack a grin on your face.

Apart from its amazing design and appealing black mirror finish, this oven is scratch resistant and very simple to wash. Its inside is constructed from stain-resistant ceramic enamel that only takes a little wipe to get fantastic results.

This oven has ten power levels based upon what you require. To help save time, it’s auto-cook one-touch presets you could utilize. Using its LED, you view your choices along with the timer countdown.

Requiring 950 watts of electricity to operate, this microwave has a grill choice to prepare your grills or crunchy foods. All-encompassing, this oven scores high marks on function and design.

Oven capacity: 1.4 cubic feet


  • Beautiful black mirror finish.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Stain-resistant inside.
  • Many auto-cook one-touch presets.
  • Grill function.
  • LCD timer screen.


  • Short-circuiting is common for this product.
  • Poor after-sales support.

4. Whirlpool WMC20005YW Compact Microwave

The Whirlpool Countertop microwave is ideal for anybody that has a little kitchen. It’s compact enough to fit into your corner. You can save more room for additional kitchen accessories.

It utilizes a tap-touch controller, which is quite suitable to use and wash. Together with the ability of 0.5 cubic feet, this system is excellent enough to provide what you need, although it’s a compact dimension.

You will worry that utilizing tap-touch control can result in accidental use or configurations. Regrettably, there’s a control lock that will assist you in resolving this problem. With only one touch in the control panel, you can prevent accidental setting changes.

Oven capacity: 0.5 cubic feet

Counter Space: 213.1


  • Auto-defrost at one media
  • Easy to clean
  • Defrost food at rapid speed
  • The reduced energy setting of 700 watts
  • Save money on power


  • The Product Isn’t very long-lasting.

5. LG LMC0975AST NeoChef Compact Microwave Oven

Are you fearful that cleaning a microwave is hard? Together with LG NeoChef Microwave, cleaning is not a chore. The product has an anti-bacterial and stain-resistant coating so that you only have to wash it with a damp cloth.

The Intuitive SmoothTouch glass controllers permit you to run the product with just one touch. And this glass controller also gives the product a stunning appearance. Unlike different products, LG NeoChef microwave has six wheels to turn the turntable into stably remainder upon.

Together with the 0,9-volt capability, it is possible to heat several sorts of food freely. There’s glowing LED lightning within the microwave so that you can command your cooking process. Having a 10-year warranty, it is possible to expect this product finally.

Oven capacity: 0.9 cubic feet


  • Smart inverter
  • Easy to clean
  • Gently turn away when the microwave temperature reaches the summit.
  • Willing to deal with heavy or tall things with hexagonal-shaped stabilizer ring
  • Providing interior LED lighting.
  • Impressive performance and energy


  • I’ll enjoy it more if it’s a sound ON/OFF alternative.

6. Panasonic NN-SD372S Compact Microwave Oven

You’ve got a trend to store food in the fridge, and you require a microwave that’s great at defrosting. The Panasonic Microwave was created for you. With the innovative turbo defrost, you can defrost food speedily.

Apart from having fantastic speed, the product also makes me amazed by its genius detector. The Panasonic microwave may mechanically adjust to the right temperature and time for different sorts of meals.

You will find up to nine automobile menus that you cook frozen entrees and vegetables, celery, soup, pizza, pasta, and so forth. Even though it includes a streamlined exterior design, the inside space is big.

Oven capacity: 0.8 cubic feet

Counter Space: 285.6


  • Willing to defrost food fast
  • Many auto-cook Choices
  • Large interior space
  • Providing quick instant timer, delay start, and kid safety lock


  • Only Acceptable for light use

7. BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Compact Microwave For Countertop

It provides 700 watts of electricity and a potential of 0.7 cubic feet. It is 17.3 inches wide, 13 inches deep, and 10.2 inches tall. The finish is stainless steel with a black control panel and door. It looks slick and modern, which makes it a fantastic alternative for modern kitchens.

It is quite simple to use, together with one-touch works for a range of favorite foods. These include popcorn, pizza, frozen veggies, and a plated meal.

You may opt to cook or reheat with one of those ten energy levels along with the “time cook” alternative. Levels 1 to 6 provide “state cooking” of a few meals in just 30 minutes. If you locate your food requires a little longer, press the “start” button for 30 minutes of additional cooking time.

You can thaw frozen meals by either weight or time also.

A crystal clear LED screen is positioned on the control panel’s peak so that you can keep your eye on the time. If your microwave sits on your countertop, then it’s also going to mean there is no demand for another kitchen clock. There is a kitchen timer also, to keep track of cooking times.

The controllers have been printed in white against a dark background so that they stand out clearly. But they are not backlit, so it can be difficult to see in low light.

Open the door with the push-button door discharge, and an inside light comes on automatically. Indoors, there is a glass turntable to make sure every portion of your food is properly heated.


  • Beautiful modern design
  • Ten power levels with one-touch Possibilities for hot foods
  • Clear LED clock and kitchen timer


  • Cooking times will be somewhat more than for greater wattage Choices.
  • The control panel is not backlit.

8. Oster OGH6901 Compact Microwave Oven

The Oster OGH6901 microwave is a fantastic selection for the home and workplace. With ten flexible power levels, you can get complete charge of the cooking process, and you may feel confident that your meal is warmed up perfectly and evenly.

There are just six auto-cooking menus that permit you to cook your favorite popcorn, potato, pizza, beverage, reheat, and frozen meals. The product provides you with two methods for defrosting: weight and speed.

The electronic timer and electronic clock make it simple for you to command the moment. You may trust this product is secure and make you happy.


  • Easy one-touch operation
  • Providing ten variable power levels
  • Providing six preset menus
  • Safe to use with child safety lock


  • It does not stand firmly and occasionally slides onto the counter.

9. Farberware FMO07ABTBKA Compact Microwave Oven

The Farberware classic microwave’s exceptional quality is that it’s a memory function that may save your favorite cooking and remember them. As with other products on this listing, there are ten energy levels with six preset menus.

These features permit you to openly cook everything you fancy, like popcorn, pizza, a dinner dish, and much more. You can keep an eye on your cooking process from the kitchen clock and timer on the LED screen.

Oven capacity: 0.9 cubic feet


  • Speedy performance
  • Simple to restrain your cooking process
  • Two choices of defrosting: time and weight
  • Convenient one-touch preset menus


  • The product makes sound on the functioning.

10. Danby Designer, 0.7 Cu.Ft. Countertop Microwave, Black/Stainless Steel

The Danby Industries group has just one vision: producing brilliant and motivated appliances designed to fit your space and your every movement. Just like a religion, they consider that headline quite badly, as they did with this microwave oven version.

It provides you six one-touch cooking buttons that are connected with regular demands. A superb cooking capacity and stylish looks, a mix of stainless steel and black, make it a perfect match for any office or kitchen space you may want to put it in.

Adding only 700 watts to operate, you get ten electricity option settings and an adjustable timer to match your instant needs. Stylish and practical, also includes an 18-month guarantee to keep you in perfect simplicity.


  • Good layout with universal fitting colors.
  • Superior cooking capacity.
  • Ten power choices and six preset cooking choices.
  • Adjustable timer.
  • LCD screen.
  • 18-month warranty.


  • The Glassdoor bursting and shattering is a frequent problem with this particular model.
  • It retains food aromas, which turn filthy with time.
  • The overall quality and build demand improvement.

11. RCA RMW733 Compact Microwave Oven

The RCA microwave is a necessary instrument for every single household. You may use it to warm up your food, make coffee and tea, soften frozen food,… Together with the power of 700 g and ten power levels, this product can help you finish your kitchen jobs fast.

With six automobile cooking programs, you can cook food fast with no necessity for adjusting time and temperature. The keypad and display are simple to browse and user-friendly. Thus, this product is excellent for folks of all ages.

The turntable glass is removable, so it is simple to wash after ingestion. Together with contemporary and fashionable design, it is sure that all of your relatives adore this product.


  • Ten power levels and six preset menus provided
  • User-friendly design
  • Removable turntable glass
  • Digital clock and kitchen timer provided


  • Not providing a noise-canceling option and security lock.

12. Hamilton Beach Compact Microwave Oven

You wish to get a microwave but have a very small budget. Do not worry! The Hamilton Beach microwave would be your ideal option for you. This product has an extremely affordable price. However, it does not indicate it isn’t excellent.

This product also offers various excellent functions, such as other products. You will find just six quick-set menu buttons along with ten flexible power levels so that you may have a vast array of cooking choices.

Together with the LED digital display panel, then it is simple to find the time from any place in your kitchen. The Hamilton Beach microwave is quite safe to use with all the child-safe lockouts.


  • Proving essential functions for ordinary use
  • Providing kid safety lock
  • LED digital display panel
  • Cooking easily and effortlessly


  • Loud sound when operating

13. Bella 700-Watt Compact Microwave Oven

This compact microwave out of Bella includes 700 Watt cooking power. It’s ten power level settings that guarantee cooking/heating a variety of meals. It’s digital control with an LED clock timer. The six rapid beginning one-touch cooking function can help you get a head start. The defrost mode is defined by weight or time. Additionally, it has multi-stage cooking; memory function conserves also are useful for remembering your customized setting, and of course, this includes custom controls.

On the interior, it’s a glass turntable that measures 10 inches wide and can be removable for cleaning, which is beneficial. Additionally, it has a keypad lock for instances if you don’t need to have the microwave for use or sometimes when you don’t want kids inadvertently using it.


  • Customized memory features can help you in case you’d like to do things your way.
  • A little variable is hence easy to transport and place in tight areas.
  • Multi-stage cooking will help you with all those kinds of dishes that take a long time to cook at various temperatures.


  • 0.7 cubic feet capacity is very small
  • Seven hundred watts aren’t potent and may have quite a while to cook/heat your meals.

14. Sunbeam SGC7702 0.7 Cu. Ft. 700 Watts Compact Digital Microwave Oven

Sunbeam SGC7702 microwave toaster includes 700W of cooking power plus six auto-cook preferences. Further, it’s 10 degrees of electricity for many of your cooking conveniences. It is also possible to select state cooking or weight reduction for quicker meal prep. Further, this microwave oven includes an LED screen with a digital timer and timer, providing a simple view.

This Sunbeam includes 0.7 Cubic Feet within the cavity, that’s ideal for your regular dishes. Additionally, it features a child-safety lock that’s fantastic to prevent unsupervised access into the oven. Further, it’s removable glass turntable for many of your cooking convenience.


  • Little variable size microwave, so you can Put It in Tiny Locations.
  • Digital clock and timer help you keep tabs on your meals and time.
  • Removable turntable Assists in cleaning the inside of your microwave readily.
  • Express cooking and defrost settings make you start immediately rather than fiddling with the choices.


  • 0.7 cubic feet capacity is modest.
  • 700 watt may be a problem for dishes which are large and heavy as it may take some time to cook.

15. GE JES1072SHSS Countertop Microwave Oven

GE microwave brings advantages to cooking including a rather straightforward, minimalist, industrial layout. Just weighing 21 pounds and with different management, features are quite a portable microwave, which will not cause you to sweat.

The controllers are touch-sensitive, providing it an extremely futuristic vibe. The configurations have a Cooking Complete Reminder mode that is extremely useful, particularly when you’re occupied with other obligations.

Thus, even when you’re busy, somebody else in the home or close to the microwave is going to be alarmed that the dish is completed. The 0.7 cubic feet having 700-watt electricity never look down as occasionally, bigger does not necessarily mean greater. It gets your everyday task done in a jiffy using its pre-installed functions.

This microwave is a mid-sized microwave using a 10.75-inch turntable; therefore, you may easily add your dinner dishes or plates indoors. Additionally, it has a digital clock, timer, child lock, and audio on/off button to your convenience.


  • The noise-canceling setting is almost always a fantastic improvement as it provides you a choice for your liking.
  • The glossy layout is simple yet sturdy looking.
  • The buttons are touch-sensitive, so it places a contemporary vibe.
  • The 10.75-inch turntable is rather big in regards to microwaves using 0.7 cubic feet of distance indoors.


  • 0.7 cubic feet capacity is modest for your great dishes.
  • 700-watt power isn’t strong enough for heavy dishes.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Compact Microwave

  • Watt

Ordinarily, you have to remember that if it comes to microwaves, the greater the watt, the greater the energy it must heat/cook your meals. Hence, if you’re searching for a microwave, a 1000 watt or more are the best for optimum cooking. At the same time, significantly less than 700 watts wouldn’t be adequate for the purpose. Also, notice that the longer the watt output signal, the quicker your food has done.

  • Understanding your needs

You may initially think that virtually every microwave is the same, but if you’ve read our inspection, you’d be aware microwaves are using various functions for different requirements. You should consider your kitchen and your household before purchasing the proper microwave. Some microwaves have features that you may need more than many others. Hence knowing and assigning your needs is quite important.

  • Cleaning

The tedious and dull part of experiencing a microwave would be cleaning it. The most frequent problems with microwaves if buying occur if you don’t wash it. If you’re searching for microwaves, be sure to examine the products where cleanup could be accomplished readily. Cleaning your microwave up not just helps your system to have a longer lifetime but also helps your food to be not contaminated.

  • Size

Possessing a microwave with a fantastic quantity of space is great for you because you do not understand what you may have to heat or cook. You truly don’t wish to drop into a situation where your dish or bowl is too large for the microwave.

  • Unique features

Aside from the fundamentals of a microwave, you will find more special features that separate each microwave apart. And they can come from various kinds of detectors to technologies that can help you cook/heat food much better and much healthier.

  • Microwave Programming

There are three chief sorts of programming for microwave ovens. First, there’s the mechanical programming: that simple system relies on a more or less exact timer, an easy power selector, and a different commitment to different cooking purposes.

More advanced than this, there’s the electromechanical programming style, which combines precision and simplicity.

Lastly, the previous programming style that can be the most successful of the three is your digital programming manner. The choices are many here and complicated and can differ from simple defrost manner to cooking on its grill. And of course the manners of memorizing a cooking program or presetting the energy.

Better programming options provide flexibility and much more flexibility in using your oven.

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