Best Meat Slicer 2021: Top Full Guide, Review

Best Meat Slicer 2020: Top Full Guide, Review

Would you love having the ability to select the depth of your pieces of beef? Perfectly slicing meat will help to improve the taste and provide lots of flexibility. Individuals that reside in massive households will also discover this helps joints of beef to extend farther.

The very Best Meat Slicer may also be used to slice bread, pasta, and other food varieties. This handy kitchen tool comes in a broad assortment of various sizes and fashions. Thus, let Kingsley takes a peek at a few of the very popular meat slicers to discover exactly what makes them special.

The Way to Pick the Best Meat Slicer

When selecting the best beef slicer, it’s ideal to consider the quality of the materials used to construct the machine. These machines may get expensive, and you would not need it breaking you personally or falling apart when you’re using it.

If this does occur, it’s a good idea to acquire a version that comes with some warranty or guarantee to protect the device from defects, damages that might happen while in use, or through the delivery process.

You also should be certain that the machine has numerous security features since it’s quite easy to eliminate a finger or a part of your hands when using these wrongly or without realizing from the security steps.

Features like security guards about the meat to be chopped and captured are extremely beneficial. Additionally, an automated switch off is nearly a must when using these machines. Regardless of the scenario, be certain that you obtain a machine you’re familiar with using. They are sometimes tricky to work with, and if you do not understand what you are doing, it can be exceedingly dangerous.

Additionally, try to obtain a model that is simple to wash. Some machines have components that may be eliminated, making it much easier to wash in the long term.

How To Use And Care For Your Meat Slicer

When you receive your beef slicer, it’s a good idea first to read the manual from front to back before you choose to begin cutting off meat all on your own simply. The idea is usually the same from model to model. Ensure that the meat you’re slicing is firm and solid; you also don’t wish to use a meat tenderizer on it until you slice it.

You set the meat at the sliding tray that’s hopefully grooved as a way to permit air circulation, making it much easier to slice through meat together with finesse. You then put the locking stabilizer on the beef and fix the depth knobs into how thin or thick you would prefer the food chopped. Flip the switch on and start to move the arm or arrow back and forth slowly while pushing back on the locking mechanism to feed the meat to the slicer.

The beef will normally fall from the rear side or to some specified place. Once you utilize your slicer, you wish to be sure to wash it every opportunity to steer clear of foodborne illness and maintain your beef slicer in excellent working condition. It’s ideal for washing all of the removable components by hand if they’re dishwasher safe to be certain that they have cleaned thoroughly and properly. Be certain you wipe down all regions of the slicer which aren’t removable with warm soapy water.

Be certain that you sharpen the blade every so often to keep it sharp and constantly deal with the machine with great regard to preventing any unnecessary injuries.

Kinds of meat slicer

Guide meat slicer:

It’s the easiest and cheapest version. The device consists of a plane region that supports your meals along with a blade; you’ll need to proceed manually. It’s the updated version of a knife but very simple to use, particularly if you require many pieces.

Semi-automatic beef slicer:

Is the most frequent sort of slicer, frequently seen in deli or butcher stores, small restaurants, and in several houses. Also known as an electric meat slicer, this appliance has a motor that spins the blade, but you will have to conduct food via it manually.

Automated meat slicer:

Quite much like this semi-automatic kind from a decorative perspective, this slicer machine includes transferring food assistance, which does all the job. Simply set the depth, press the on button, and then discontinue it once you’ve got sufficient pieces. The largest drawback of the sort is the rather high cost.

Best Meat Slicers

1. Chef’sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

This version includes a compact yet durable design that will help to produce the slicer almost instinctive. Users should simply put their piece of meat, cheese, bread, or bread at the compartment in the back. Place the knob to the desired depth, along with the slicer, to do the job.

120 Watts of electricity is provided to look after various kinds of meals easily. The seven-inch stainless steel blade creates pieces of a complete cinch. Even massive chunks of meat could be sliced to perfection in next to no time.

An extra bit of security is provided by the lock place on the food bin. This will help keep food in place during surgery. This will help block access to the blade when not used to maintain small ones’ palms safe.

The Chef’sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer also has four rubber feet to prevent it from going around on the countertop. The compact design of the model means it will fit easily on the countertop of most kitchens. Additionally, it boasts a lightweight design to make it easy to reposition when required.

Chef'sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer


  • Boasts a professional quality stainless steel blade.
  • Designed to be quite durable.
  • Comes with non-slip feet.
  • Supplied with a one-year warranty.
  • It could be used to chop vegetables, fruits, meats, and bread.
  • Powerful high torque engine with a gear drive.


  • Fixing the depth knob can be complicated.

2. BESWOOD 10Inch Premium Chromium-plated Electric Food Slicer

Users of this BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Electric Food Slicer won’t have to sharpen the blade constantly. There are just two whetstones mounted on the very best that sharpen the blade during surgery. This helps to guarantee that the edge of this blade is maintained.

An excess safety step is also provided from the exceptional double illuminated ON/OFF upgrade. This provides enhanced protection against electric shocks. Even if there’s a power surge, then the machine will just turn off itself.

Following the surgery, users may also discover that this version is extremely simple to wash. It must be mentioned that the BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Electric Food Slicer is quite heavy. But this helps to ensure it is extra stable and adds to the security element.


  • Boasts a strong motor encased in an aluminum frame.
  • Comes with top-mounted whetstones.
  • FDA, NSF, and ETL approved.
  • Easy to clean and maneuver.
  • Suitable for cutting all sorts of meals.


  • This version is quite heavy.

3. Kitchener 9-inch Professional Electric Meat Deli Cheese Food Slicer

This version was designed to move the distance using its die-cast aluminum casing and superior coated steel blade. The manual depth plate makes it effortless to decide on the specific depth of the pieces.

Consumers are treated to some engine which provides 200 Watts of electricity. The nine-inch blade is a little bigger than ordinary. And large chunks of meat could be sliced very readily and fast.

Even during a full rate performance, the Kitchener 9-inch Professional Electric Meat Deli Cheese Food Slicer remains securely in place. The four big suction cups guarantee this on the bottom. All you have to do is securely join the device into the countertop, and it won’t proceed till desirable.

Though the 150 Watt engine can help slice beef, this isn’t the most effective version. In reality, the Kitchener 9-inch Professional Electric Meat Deli Cheese Food Slicer will operate quite slowly. Nonetheless, this is a small price to cover just sliced meats and optimal reliability.


  • Delivers impressive cutting edge precision.
  • Powered by a 150-watt motor.
  • Boasts a durable stainless steel construct.
  • Suction cup feet keep the slicer set up.
  • Features an adjustable thickness controller knob.


  • The power and speed are somewhat low.

4. Elite Platinum EMT-625B Ultimate Meat Slicer

If you do not need to invest too much cash to get a slicer, then the Elite Platinum is your best value choice.

It is not the heavy-duty alternative, but it will handle salami, turkey, or ham with no trouble.


  • Die-Cast aluminum substance – This substance can stop rust damage. It is going to also improve durability, exactly like stainless steel. However, it costs a whole lot less. The outcome is a less expensive meat slicer.
  • Simple to correct thickness – The meat slicer’s depth settings could be tuned using a flick of your wrist. There is also a great gap between the thinnest or settings that are double.
  • Safety manual – This component as soon as you keep tabs on meals as you directed towards the same blade without needing to risk your palms.


  • Slow and loudly – This slicer’s engine creates quite a racket in almost any kitchen. Even though it can cut thick or thin pieces, either kind will need a little additional time than higher-priced models.

5. Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer

This beef slicer is a bit on the lower side of things, but it will still get the task finished. The machine is quite cheap at just around $60, but any guarantee doesn’t cover it.

The beef slicer is constructed of stainless steel, and the casing is made of die-cast aluminum with rubber stopper thighs to keep it from moving around while in use. The blade is 8 inches in diameter and is serrated to cut any sort of food. The device has the power to decrease food paper thin around 3/4 inch thickness. Each of the components is removable so that cleanup is a breeze.

Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer


  • The machine Is Extremely inexpensive at just $60
  • Each of the components is removable that the house housing, ch makes cleanup very Simple.
  • The blade is serrated; it can cut any Kind of food from paper-thin to 3/4 inch depth.


  • Though the machine Is Extremely cheap, It Doesn’t come with a guarantee to protect it.

6. VEVOR 10″ Blade Commercial Deli Food Slicer

This beef slicer is extremely effective but is small enough to match any counter. It’s very pricey at about $300, and any type of guarantee doesn’t protect it.

The body of this meat slicer is constructed of stainless steel and contains a 10-inch diameter stainless steel blade. There’s also a built-in double-sided whetstone to sharpen the edge of the blade while being used. The engine is a strong 250 watts that can cut off food paper thin around 1/2 inch thickness. There’s a fixed ring protector to protect your hands from cuts, and the bottoms of your system have rubber stoppers, so no motion of the system whenever it’s in use.


  • The machine includes a 250-watt moto motor, ch Can Reduce foods paper-thin or around 1/2 inch thickness.
  • You will find rubber stoppers on the bottom of the thighs along with a ring shield to ensure the user’s while in use.
  • There’s a built-in double-sided whetstone to Keep the edge of this blade.


  • The machine is rather expensive, and There’s no guarantee to protect it.

7. Elite Platinum EMT-503B Meat & Food Slicer

If you seriously wish to earn your loved ones and friend’s happiness, at precisely the same time, save money, power, and time, this is the system for you. Elite Platinum EMT-503B is created for only that.

  • Comes with a 7.5-inch blade.
  • The food slicer is flexible. Cuts virtually any kind of food in your kitchen like bread and veggies.
  • Flexible thickness.
  • Constructed from rustproof cast aluminum.
  • A detachable sharp stainless blade that will provide you clean meal cuts.
  • Equipped with safety features.


  • Retractable and removable 7.5″ blade.
  • The device includes an adjustable thickness attribute. The knob is easily available, which makes it possible to lean meals into various sizes.
  • Elite Platinum EMT-503E includes extra-large trimming area. This is good for people who have large families or have regular visitors.
  • Simple to wash.
  • Extremely versatile in regards to the kind of food to slit. Look! It’s possible to slice beef pastrami, gouda, bread, farm veggies, salamis, cheddar, edamEdamorizo, pepperoni, Turkey breastfeeding, and ham along with other meals.


  • It’s slow.
  • The rear plate isn’t firm.
  • Loud when functioning.
  • Black color for my kitchen? Mmmh!

8. Continental Electric PS77711 Smooth Blade Meat Slicer

  • Comes with depth adjusting attributes.
  • Continental Electric PS77711 was created using a 180W strong electric engine.
  • Has non-slip feet. This feature ensures that the meat slicer is a company.
  • Produced from the die-cast aluminum substance.
  • Continental Electric PS77711 includes a 7.5″ stainless steel blade.
  • Tilted carriage.


  • Gourmet kitchen tool for slicing vegetables, salami, ham, cheese, turkey, bread, and assorted sorts of meat into very fine shapes.
  • Rustproof powerful blade.
  • Simple to slice food as a result of a tilted position.
  • Same company when working on it thanks to non-slip feet, which keep into position.
  • Affordable.


  • Not a fantastic design.
  • Slow when functioning.
  • Does not produce fine and little meat cubes.

9. NESCO FS-250, Stainless Steel Food Slicer

Using its complete stainless steel carriage and strong layout, this food slicer looks like it’s prepared to go the distance. The NESCO FS-2FS-250inless Steel Food Slicer boasts a serrated edge plus a distinctive control knob. This implies it is simple for users to pick the depth of the pieces they wish for.

The serrated blade also will help make the NESCO Stainless Steel Food Slicer more flexible. The big and removable blade is manufactured from tempered stainless steel. It’s intended to handle a broad array of foods, such as bread and unique cheeses.

The NESCO FS-250 includes various features that help make it particularly secure. The distinctive blade guard is big and durable and will retain fingers completely. There’s also an auto-darkening switch, which will stop power surges and other accidents.

Sadly, this food slicer isn’t particularly stable. Users are most likely to discover that it goes around the countertop after a few minutes of surgery. But this problem can be fixed relatively easily by incorporating suction cups into the foundation.

NESCO FS-250, Stainless Steel Food Slicer


  • Features an adjustable thickness controller knob.
  • Boasts a lightweight and compact design.
  • Simple to clean and use.
  • Ideal for precision cutting-edge.
  • The blade features a serrated edge.


  • It could be hard to secure food.
  • Not quite stable.

10. Kitchener MS-106215R

This beef slicer is a fairly good deal for about $120 bu120, any sort of guarantee doesn’t protect it. This machine’s body is constructed of stainless steel, and there’s a 10-inch diameter straight edge blade plus a 10-inch serrated blade, which are interchangeable on the machine. Each of the components can also be removable cleanup is quite simple. The beef slicer can slice any sort of food thin or around 3/4 inch thickness. The engine can also be 200 watts, helps you cut through just about any kind of food if it’s frozen.


  • The machine includes two separate interchangeable blades, which are 10 inches in diameter.
  • The meat slicer Is Extremely cheap at just $120
  • Each of the components is removable, so that cleanup Is Quite Simple.


  • Though the machine Is Quite inexpensive, There Is No guarantee to protect it.

11. Reichart Manual Control With Spring & Automatic Sending Meat Device

Among those matters that make this version stick out from the crowd is its capacity to slice meat. This means that users may buy deli meats in bulk and keep them in the freezer. There’ll be no need to defrost before using the Unichart Manual Control with Spring & Automatic Sending Meat Device.

Regrettably, the potency of the meat slicer is also a way, also its downfall. The Reichert Manual Control Meat Device can only be used to slit frozen meat. Although this is handy in some ways, this version isn’t so versatile.

On the other hand, the construct of the meat slicer is quite sturdy and durable. It includes a particular control knob which permits users to adjust the depth of pieces. Meat pieces from 0.2mm and 25mm can be produced quite easily and relatively fast.

This might well be the very best meat slicer for frozen meats. Unfortunately, it’s a small letdown regarding meats that aren’t frozen and other kinds of food.


  • It could be adjusted for various pieces of meat.
  • Weighs only 2.3 lbs.
  • Boasts a strong stainless steel construct.
  • Features a flexible slicer slider


  • Only frozen meat could be sliced.
  • It doesn’t work together with cheese.
  • Not acceptable for beef sized slicing.

12. NESCO FS-250, Stainless Steel Food Slicer

The NESCO FS-250 Stainless Steel Food Slicer provides something a bit more heavy-duty for people searching for over the ordinary household beef slicer. This slicer involves a bigger blade than many versions and is created from heavy-duty substances to ensure sturdy operation regardless of what you are cutting.

This meat slicer provides precision thickness control and may cut everything out of lean deli shavings to pieces around 9/16 of the inch. The serrated blade can be good in tackling meals of all contours, and also, the recessed power switch guarantees that there are no accidental on/off episodes, and food and debris will not damage the change.

Additionally, the non-slip feet be sure that the slicer remains in place at all times. The device features a cutting shield and disassembles easily for cleaning.

Would you cut raw or frozen meat using a slicer?

Although it’s likely to reduce frozen meat using a slicer, your blade will probably be ruined in the process.

For that reason, it is not suggested that you simply cut completely frozen meat unless completely needed.

A number of the pricier slicers can manage partly frozen meat.

You’re able to cut raw meat with a meat slicer. But you must always thoroughly wash your slicer blade after cutting raw meat before going on to cooked meals.

The possibility of cross-contamination is large. Additionally, some uncooked meats will probably be too squishy to cut into thin pieces efficiently. They’ll need a tiny scare or cooking in the freezer until it’s possible to cut them equally.

Is it a meat slicer cut bone?

Like with frozen beef, it is possible a hardy slicer can chop through bone. However, this is also very likely to damage the blade and isn’t suggested.

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