Fortnite: Tips on how to level up quickly

Fortnite is a dynamic game that has taken the internet by storm since 2017. It was developed by Epic Games and is now available to download freely.

The game has many fun and crazy skins for players to buy and overall it is an engaging game. However, in order to win matches and level up quickly, players have to break a lot of sweat. Many don’t know how to gain XP efficiently or if there is any other way to level up faster. If you are one of them then you are in the right place. Check out these tips that will help you climb up faster in Fortnite.


Fortnite is an online game and it was developed and launched by Epic Games in 2017. The game has 3 different modes: Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative. Among these modes, Fortnite Battle Royale is the most popular one. The rule of the game is the same as any Battle Royale. 100 players will be dropped onto an island where they have to fight against each other in order to survive. The last one to stand in the match is the winner. Players can choose to play alone, with a friend (duo) or with up to 3 friends (squad).

Since the rule of the game is similar to other Battle Royals, Fortnite needed a unique touch to differ itself from other games. And the skins are what make a difference. Fortnite has the craziest skins designs ever and players have to purchase them with real money. The skins can be from Marvel’s superheroes, characters from DC or other random designs that are too cool to be true. Players can purchase the skins using V-Bucks. Knowing how the game works helps players level up more efficiently.

How To Level Up Fast In Fortnite

Buy Battle Pass

Battle Pass is not obligatory since players can still enjoy the game without it. But needless to say, things that cost real money always have better quality. By purchasing a Battle Pass, which worth 950 V-Bucks or 10$ in real currency, players will unlock 100 tiers. This feature offers players around 75 hours of gameplay. By leveling upon each tier, players will unlock a reward. The reward can be V-Bucks, skins, XP or any item that helps the players go up on the tiers quicker. Just by playing the game, players earn XP and use that XP to continue to level up and earn more rewards. The Battle Pass also includes the XP multipliers, which give a boost of 10 to 50% of the XP. The circle repeats itself. Thus, players level up faster.

Don’t miss double XP events

Knowing that level up in Fortnite can be tricky, Epic Games sometimes holds a special event with which players can earn double XP. And when players join in matches or complete daily and weekly challenges, the XP rewards will be doubled. Each daily challenge gives players 500XP, double it up and you will advance a lot quicker. Leveling up can’t be easier during these events. So pay attention to what the developers announce and don’t miss the double XP events. They don’t occur regularly.

Don’t miss the daily and weekly challenges

The more you do the challenges, the more XP you will earn. So if you want to get level up quickly then this is the way to go. Every day, a new challenge will be offered to you. Try to complete it to get rewarded with a decent amount of XP each time. Do not forget that you can also re-roll one challenge per day if you don’t like what it’s offering to you. The weekly challenge, on the other hand, is what you need to focus on if you want to level up the Battle Pass Tiers fast. But they still reward you with 5000 XP when you complete four out of given week’s challenges. Do not miss the challenges and you will level up in no time.

Try to survive longer in a match

Surviving longer in a match not only will make you a worthy competitor, but it also helps you earn XP to get level up faster. The longer you stay, the more skills you get, the more XP you will earn. The first kill in a match worth 50 XP. Top 20 placement earns 25 XP. Top 10 earns 100 XP. And the first place, or the Victory Royale as what they call, can give you 300 XP. If you can’t last that long, try to last at least until the first circle arrives. Therefore, be smart and do not go in too hard and dropping straight into Tilted Towers. This may not be a very practical move of yours.

Play Bot Lobbies

This one is one of the fastest ways to gain some major XP that you help get level up. Bot lobbies consist of players controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). These are not very skilled, which makes them the perfects opponents for beginners. The most efficient way to use this method to level up is to loot as many chests, supply drops, ammo boxes as possible. the players should also focus on completing quick challenges that will provide 14000 XP and refresh those once they have been completed.

Beating The Henchmen

Knocking down Henchmen and then shaking them down is a great and fun way to get some extra XP. You can take them out pretty easily, shake them down, pick them up, and then use them to scan open doors. Do this repeatedly and gain 120 XP every time. Gaining some XP can’t be any easier than this.

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These tips are beneficial for you if you are interested in getting level up fast. They are simple and easy tips that anyone can follow. So apply these tips to your playing routine and you will soon find yourself at the highest level of the game that will for sure make other players respect you.

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