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Ibex Vs Yeti Tumbler 2022: Top Full Guide

Ibex Vs Yeti Tumbler 2021: Top Full Guide
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Suppose you’re seeking the best tumbler available that’s capable of having a real beating and keeping your beverages cold or hot for long periods. In that case, you have a few alternatives that are available to you. One is that Ibex vs Yeti tumbler plus one. When you consider it concerning the Ibex tumbler of Yeti, and that is better, it’s not difficult to compare and contrast both. The fact of this situation is these two products have several things in common. But that doesn’t mean they’re identical products. When it’s all said and done, one comes out on top.

To understand clearly, Kingsley will show you the difference.

Yeti Vs Ibex Tumbler

The Ibex Tumbler

This specific tumbler comes at a 30-ounce size, so it’s large enough for you to have the ability to find loads of whatever your preferred drink maybe. Additionally, it comes in many different colors, letting you customize your specific Ibex tumbler to meet your personality. This isn’t merely a cup, but it is a tumbler that’s intended to have a real beating without demonstrating any signs of wear or tear.

The reality is, it’s made from 18/8 stainless steel and features a double-wall, vacuum insulation together with a shatterproof lid. There’s not any BPA involved anywhere in the construction of the product. Even better, the lid was created so you can drink straight from the cup or use a straw, whichever you want.

Yeti Vs Ibex Tumbler

The best thing about this specific tumbler is that it’s effective at maintaining ice in the cup for up to three days. It’s practically impossible to locate another product where you can place ice in the cup, then slap the lid, and it might still be there three days afterward. That is striking, to say the very least.

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The Yeti

Yeti tumblers come in many different sizes, and sometimes, you may get different color choices. Although it’s also made of 18/8 stainless steel and can be ventilated, so it does not sweat, that’s essentially where the comparisons stop.

Please make no mistake about it; obtaining a Yeti tumbler is not anything to sneeze at since they’re quite good products, and they’re also made to resist the test of time rather well. But you may be hard-pressed to place ice at a Yeti and return to it three days afterward. When it maintains the ice for many hours, it is not likely to maintain it for this long.

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Ibex Vs Yeti – Which Is Better?

Since the Ibex tumbler is useful at ice more than the Yeti, it wins the competition hands down. The entire notion is to keep your hot beverages warm and cold beverages cold without needing to refresh them every time you turn around continually.

Ibex Vs Yeti - Which Is Better?

The Ibex tumbler is unquestionably capable of accomplishing so. Regarding hot beverages, you can anticipate your coffee to remain hot during the whole morning, and if it’s cold beverages that are the favorite, add a few ices and revel in that drink daily.


If you genuinely want something capable of maintaining your beverages the temperature you would like them to belong, the Ibex tumbler is the one you ought to use. Regrettably, among the most significant drawbacks about Yeti products is that Along with having high-quality products, they’re also rather pricey. This is just another area where it is possible to benefit if you’re picking Ibex over Yeti. You can acquire the exceptional quality capable of accomplishing what few different tumblers are without costing too much. Therefore, there is not any problem in choosing between the two because Ibex is the superior product.

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