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Instant Pot Duo Vs Duo Plus 2022: Top Full Guide, Review

Instant Pot Duo Vs Duo Plus 2020: Top Full Guide, Review
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This report covers two of their most popular Instant Pot versions, the Instant Pot Duo Vs Duo Plus. It ranks them based on price, flexibility, ease of use, security, and clean-up. From the end of the manual, you will be a Duo pro and may easily buy your new favorite kitchen appliance with the click of a button.

Instant Pot Duo Overview

Probably the most common Instant Pot model accessible, the Instant Pot Duo owns the performance of seven-person kitchen appliances and also makes mealtimes fast and simple. Offered in three dimensions, the Instant Pot Duo provides 12 pre-set features, 14 smart program features, and ten security features.

Instant Pot Duo Plus Overview

First published in 2017, the Instant Pot Duo Plus is a slightly upgraded version of this Instant Pot Duo: It provides everything the Instant Pot Duo offers and much more. The brand new release improved the performance from 7-in-1 into 9-in-1 and added an extra safety net and the Sterilize attribute.

Instant Pot Duo Vs Duo Plus

Instant Pot Duo Vs Duo Plus


Versatility is possibly the most significant element to check while looking for a brand new Instant Pot. It is what makes Instant Pot so adorable, after all! Let us Look at the features on the Duo and Duo Plus.

All in all, the Instant Pot Duo and Duo Plus are extremely similar when it comes to flexibility and performance – it is possible to make virtually anything conceivable in either, particularly with numerous accessible Instant Pot accessories. However, the Duo Plus does pull slightly forward.

Ease of Use

Inherently, Instant Pots are a little more challenging to work with than other kitchen appliances just because they offer numerous features. But as soon as you become accustomed to your Instapot – no matter the version – you will realize how simple that an all-in-one appliance is.

So Far as ease of use between the Duo and the Duo Plus, why you also need to note a few Important differences, for example:

  • The control panel on your Duo Plus is significantly bigger and much more user-friendly (it seems more like the Instant Pot Smart WiFi screen panel)
  • The Duo Plus screen enables you to get into the pre-programmed settings easily.
  • Duo Plus might be a bit more intuitively simple to use for cooks fresh to pressure stoves or multifunctional appliances.
  • The Duo Plus permits you to alter cooking styles mid-cycle, by way of instance, from high to low pressure.

Aside from that, the Instant Pot Duo and Instant Pot Duo Plus are the same in regards to ease of use: The two include a detachable three-pronged cord, steam rack, lid holder, soup spoon, and rice paddle, measuring cup, and also food-grade stainless steel interior pot – what you want to generate a fantastic Instant Pot meal.


Both the Instant Pot Duo and Duo Plus provide the same ten security mechanisms to eliminate cooking mistakes, like explosions or sweet food. These mechanisms are steam discharge, anti-block protection, security lid lock, lid standing detection, automatic temperature controller, burn protection, automated pressure controller, electric fuse, thermal fuse, and leaky lid protection.

Nevertheless, the Instant Pot Duo Plus comes outfitted with a single additional feature that may increase the appliance’s security degree: Sterilize. The Sterilize attribute permits you to pasteurize milk, sterilize utensils, and safely execute particular kinds of canning.


Luckily, all Instant Pot’s products are partially dishwasher-safe. The Instant Pot Duo and the Duo Plus include a detachable stainless steel inner pot, which you can stick into the dishwasher. You might even set the lid for the two versions in the dishwasher, in addition to the sealing ring and steam stand. Just be certain that you keep the cooking foundation dry, just using a moist cloth or antibacterial wash to wash it.

Opt for the DUO 60 if…

  • You do not want fancy functions, Aside from the slow rise and pressure cooker.
  • Your budget is Limited.

Opt for the DUO 60 Plus should…

  • You’ve got small children and have to sterilize their bottles.
  • You enjoy making your own yogurt.
  • The Cake module is equally very important for you.

So, which is better?

All in all, the Instant Pot Duo Plus provides better performance for minimum cost growth. If the curry, egg, and sterilize settings are important for you, then the excess cash for your Duo Plus is worth spending. But if you do not think you will want those features, you can stick with the Instant Pot Duo, which offers amazing flexibility and simplicity of usage.

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