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Keezer Vs Kegerator 2022: Top Full Guide

Keezer Vs Kegerator 2021: Top Full Guide
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The most annoying thing on earth for each beer enthusiast is opening the fridge and locating that the beer is spoiled. For ages, people are discovering solutions to shop beer for quite a while without getting it sporadically.

Many trials and mistakes have finally found an answer to the problem. But is precisely what you’ve sufficient, or is there a much better version of this?

Both forms of beer storage devices, widely known among beer consumers and homebrewers, are referred to as keezer vs kegerator. Even though many do not observe any difference between these, they’re different in a variety of ways. Well, they are named differently as they’re different.

To understand clearly, Kingsley will show you the difference.

Kegerator Vs Keezer

What Is Kegerator

Let us start by talking about a Kegerator. A Kegerator is essentially a modified or specially designed fridge with the power to store beer for quite a long time, averagely around two months.

For homebrewers and business beer dispensers, this is only enough. Using a Kegerator is practically a luxury. This informs us that talking about the pros of having a Kegerator is essential.

Kegerator Vs Keezer

  • It may keep the beer carbonated and fresh for Quite a Long Time, an average of two months.
  • Kegerators May Be Used for both private and commercial usage.
  • Readymade Kegerators are Readily Available
  • You can reconfigure a classic and used fridge into a Kegerator with a Kegerator conversion kit.

However easy a Kegerator is an excellent service it provides us, it has its cons. The cons of kegerator are discussed below.

  • To start with, using a stainless steel keg Is Essential you Can’t use any keg other than the usual stainless steel keg.
  • Readymade Kegerators are pricey and may split a Larger hole in your pocket than you can imagine
  • Old and used grills are hefty electricity consumers; therefore, even if You have saved a Great Deal of cash on Purchasing a used fridge, it does not matter in the Long Term.
  • It creates a Good Deal of noise.

Using a Kegerator can be quite convenient but will surely cost you your hard-earned cash, even if you purchase a new one or reconfigure an older fridge. You may use it for commercial and private use, but that is only the limitation of its services.

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What Is A Keezer

A Keezer is only a bit more than a Kegerator. While a Kegerator is a combination of keg plus a fridge, a Keezer is a mixture of a Kegerator plus a freezer.

It’s usually created by reconfiguring a chest-deep. The fundamental goal of a Keezer is precisely the same. However, the differences still exist.

Possessing a Keezer has many benefits that can be:

  • Keezer could save the beer for Quite a Long Time.
  • Could be used for both industrial and private use
  • Comparatively, more beer kegs could be stored at a Keezer.
  • Keezer is a reconfiguration of a chest freezer, thus creates less sound.
  • It’s a very modern appearance.
  • Readymade Keezers are not very pricey compared to kegerators.

Keezer can be modern and fashionable, functions precisely like a Kegerator, but has its cons that can’t be ignored.

Though it can save multiple kegs of beer, each time one works out, it becomes difficult to replace it since it Is Quite Hard to lift a stuffed keg with one person.

  • Storing multiple kegs need more room, and therefore a Keezer occupies comparatively bigger space.
  • You, Will, Need to construct a kayak to drill in; without that, a Keezer Won’t be completed.
  • Keezer is a superb way to store your beer. Insert a dispenser on it, and you’re good to use it for both commercial and private intent.

There’s the issue of manual labor when you need to modify the keg whenever you kick in, but supposing you have a healthy spine that may lift a full beer Keg to shoulder height, then you’re ready to go.

What Is The Difference?

I have both, but I maintain the keezer in the pub in my basement due to all of the advantages I just told you about; my motive is that the keezer is more straightforward than the kegerator.

Let’s go over the options.


It’s a modified chest freezer that everyone can make for half of the price of a kegerator. You can custom create this to your style; the choices are infinite.

Essentially, you create a collar from timber and glue it down into the torso. You twist the top lid on the collar and drill a few holes to your tap lines. To control the temperature so that it’s not freezing, I utilize a plugin and play with the thermostat. This uses a temperature probe, which sits at the keezer and turns off and on to whatever temperature you set it to.

The price for my first Keezer was approximately $200. I left it in my flat, working with a hand saw and a drill for the holes. I genuinely mean it when I say anybody can get it done.

Just how many kegs can it match?

This is based upon their chest freezer; they create small, medium, and big. You can put eight or even more corny kegs, the most significant or two, in the minimum.

The one I have is little, just five cubic feet. I have had 3-pound barrels inside at a time. The residual distance I used for bottles and cans, along with a few storages for meals.

A 1/2 barrel isn’t likely to fit in the more compact chest freezer, but it could be more extensive. The main reason that this probably will not work is they are approximately 160 lbs; despite somebody helping, it is tough to install.

Customize it the way you need It

Yes, even a Keezer is a tiny bit of effort, but trust me, it’s well worth it.

I’ve seen some fantastic keepers being constructed, which is one of my favorite things about these. The fundamental part is that the collar, out there, you can do anything you wish into your system.

Some Fantastic keepers I have seen have done a number of them:

  • Construct a tower faucet system
  • Utilize Barn timber to wrap the entire body
  • Insert chalkboard paint and upgrade your beer listing
  • Install your electronic thermostat onto the collar (looks professional today )
  • Decorate it with your favorite sport group
  • Insert LED lights

It is infinite, and that’s what creates a Keezer special to you.


  • Cheap – $175-$400 (You can always find a used one on craigslist for super inexpensive )
  • Customizable – (Ensure it is essential or create it memorable)
  • Keezer’s Are fair – Barely noticeable.
  • More Beer – You can add different Sorts of beer, determined by how big the freezer
  • Electricity – Annual cost is below $75 to operate; keep it filled with beer, and it might be reduced!
  • Not Heavy – In contrast to your kegerator, chest freezers are incredibly lightweight
  • Save money- Purchasing in kegs is more affordable than by the taste and can better.


Overall the principal cons are a chest freezer so that you want to alter it, but it is not hard.

  • You Have to cut some timber and drill a few holes (Skill level is nominal )
  • You Have to alter the thermostat, which is a simple
  • Loading beer on the top, kegs may be heavy and hard to move in your own
  • The extras required – Harness lines, Faucet, Co2 tank, regulator, distributor) That may be an additional $100


A kegerator is a commercial beer heating system with a built-in faucet tower and drains spout. You find them in the dark and more prevalent in stainless steel. They look very sharp.

You can find a one-tap, three, two, and a 4 line system for the home user. The tap lines you include do restrict how big the kegs are going right into it. Meaning, if I have the one-tap line, I might also use 1/2 barrels since the most significant keg in the refrigerator. If I wish to update two faucets up, I’ll be utilizing 1/4 or 1/6 sized kegs.

Kegerators are created for cooling and dispersing the atmosphere through the tower, plus they do a fantastic job of it.

The kegs are simpler to load because they’re nearly ground level.


  • Prepared to serve beer nearly – many new generators include all you require, gas lines, copper, etc. However, they will not encounter Co2 gas.
  • Super Cold: Keeps beer actual cold.
  • Drain – Over massaging will probably grab in the drain. However, that drain will probably need a bucket in the base.
  • Simple Load – Get kegs in using less lifting.
  • Pour degree – I enjoy that the faucet and cabinet are comfy to function, no bending or reaching high.


  • Heavy – Be sure casters include
  • Loud – The compressor is going. Therefore it generates more sound.
  • $$ – All these could range from $500 to $3500
  • No Gas – You Need to buy Co2 Too.
  • Possessing a kegerator was terrific; I stand from the pros and cons; my main gripe is the sound. It is not dreadful, but I did detect having to speak a little louder when I had people over.

I’d recommend you to the home bar or guy cave.

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Both operate in your regular 120-volt plugin. That’s fine, no excess wiring required, you could plug in, and it’ll start. But that uses more energy.

To conduct a kegerator for a whole year, it’s estimated to cost $125 based on approximately. However, I think that it’s probably more like $200.

Keezer Vs Kegerator Conclusion

A keezer will be different because of how it’s constructed. It is essentially a massive box with the underside and all borders becoming chilly versus a condenser blowing cold air. But also, it’s been converted for a fridge, so it is turning more often. But as far as cost to operate per year, it is about $5-8 per month, so only under $100.

However, a pretty reasonable cost to have draft beer on your residence.


Both serve cold beer, but both are somewhat different. As a homebrewer of beer, I could advise that you proceed with the keezer; it is such a satisfying project. However, if you only wish for one or two kegs bought from a shop, I would suggest kegerator.

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