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Kenmore Vs Weber Gas Grill 2022: Top Full Guide

Kenmore Vs Weber Gas Grill 2021: Top Full Guide
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Are you trying to find a brand-new grill? When checking out the choices, Kenmore and Weber are two brands that we regularly rave about. Both these businesses have a long history of excellence and are famous for producing high-quality grills.

Weber vs Kenmore grills has generated several gas grills over the years, including innovative features that are especially attractive. It is time to settle the score once and for all and choose which brand warrants your allegiance. Let Kingsley break down the important features of those models to find the Kenmore vs Weber gas grill comparison…

Kenmore Grill Vs Weber


Kenmore launched its very first grill over a hundred decades back. And among those things which have helped the company to flourish over the decades is its dedication to innovation. Besides boasting cutting-edge features, Kenmore grills have been famous for being particularly durable and trustworthy.


The Weber brand was set back in 1952. This organization is famous for being a real pioneer in the world. This business initially introduced the shuttle into the entire world and boasted a huge assortment of advanced and durable grills.

Kenmore Grill Vs Weber History



Among the things that help provide Kenmore, the advantage is its own years of expertise and business knowledge. Besides grills, Kenmore has produced a big assortment of cooking, cleaning, and heating appliances. Kenmore 2 burner gas grill has also won a vast selection of awards and accolades from quality assurance governments and consumer magazines.


Weber concentrated its focus solely on backpacks and accessories. Consequently, Weber has established one of the most extensive lines of grills round. These grills vary from easy and compact versions, especially mobile, to large versions best for big collections.

Kenmore Elite Grill Vs Weber Genesis Summary

Kenmore 4 Burner Grill and Searing Burner

This can be a moto model of the major models of this Kenmore Elite collection. You’re provided with a total of 621 square inches of cooking area. The main grill place steps 459 square inches, while the cooking surface steps 162 square inches.

You’re provided with four stainless steel burners, all of which provides 10,000 BTUs of electricity. There’s also a ceramic toaster burner, which provides 12,000 BTUs of electricity. This provides a joint output of 52,000 BTUs.

Stability, and fashion…

The cooking grills are manufactured from cast iron and are coated with ceramic. The bottom of the grill is put with a set of powder-coated doors that boast steel liners. Every one of these doorways features a stainless steel trim for extra stability and fashion.

The electrical ignition makes lighting this grill particularly fast and simple. The foundation of this grill is put on a set of powerful casters for increased freedom. But as this version weighs 88 lbs, wheeWheelinginto position may still be a little tricky.

Weber 61004001 Gas Grill

This wise and hardy Weber grill works of liquid propane. It’s equipped with three stainless steel burners in addition to a stainless steel Flavorizer bar. There’s also an innovative grease management program, which radically decreases the danger of flare-ups.

The effective grease removal system can help to make it simple to cook wholesome food with this grill. You’re provided with the main cooking area of 513 square inches together with a 156 square inch warming rack. This takes the whole cooking area into an impressive 669 square inches.

The Infinity Ignition permits you to spark the gasoline using one turn of a knob. You’re provided with an entire output of 55,000 BTUs across each of the burners. As an additional bonus, this version also has an extensive ten-year guarantee.

Weber Vs Kenmore Grills Performance

Kenmore 4 Burner Grill and Searing Burner

Cooking for large groups of friends and family will probably be simple once you opt for this particular grill. All four high-quality stainless steel propane burners are independently controlled and operated from front to the rear. This also provides you with a variety of versatile cooking options instead of just grilling.

It’s possible to place two pairs of burners at several temperatures to cook unique kinds of foods simultaneously. A searing burner is tucked beneath the flip top of this right-hand side table to get extra cooking choices. After grilling tough meat, you can put it on the searing burner to make the skin crispy.

Reverse osmosis in a steak is also particularly quick and simple, thanks to the Kenmore 4 burner gas grill review. It’s excellent for sautéing vegetables, simmering corn on the cob, plus even more.

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Weber 61004001 Gas Grill

Even though the grill lights efficiently, it takes approximately ten minutes to achieve the desired temperature. But as soon as the temperature was attained, this version keeps heat nicely. You’ll also be treated to even heat distribution across the entire grill.

The temperature gauge that’s put on the lid provides clear and precise readings. You’re certain to discover your food cooks economically with a gentle and controllable warmth. In reality, that Weber grill provides some of the most consistent cooking results round.

All you could ever want…

The non-stick grate is put with broad char marks. Also, this grill can cook everything from fragile fish into solid joints. The hardy drip tray that accompanies the grill makes cooking a much cleaner and safer encounter. You’re also provided with disposable foil baskets along with a selection of other helpful accessories.

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Kenmore elite grill vs weber Pros and Cons

Kenmore Elite Grill


  • 621 square inches of cooking area.
  • Four steel burners.
  • 12,000 BTU ceramic burner.
  • Porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates.
  • Electric ignition.


  • The searing area is somewhat small.
  • The meeting is rather complex.

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Weber Gas Grill


  • Thorough 10-year warranty.
  • 55,500 combined BTU output.
  • High-quality grease management strategy.
  • Really simple to wash.
  • Consistently reliable outcomes.


  • Heavy and catchy to move.
  • Takes up a Great Deal of space.

Kenmore Elite Grill Vs Weber Conclusion


So, which of those prolific companies really deserves to take pole position? With 55,000 BTUs of electricity and a ten-year guarantee, the Weber 61004001 Gas Grill is perfect for big groups. On the other hand, the model’s major drawback is it is quite heavy and takes up lots of space. Space. There 4 Burner Grill and Searing Burner is a somewhat sleeker option that’s somewhat easier to maneuver. But, constructing this model might be somewhat tricky, whereas the searing channel provides less cooking area. Finally, both these Weber Genesis Vs Kenmore Elite are remarkable, and the final choice will come down to personal taste.

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