Pelican Tumbler Vs Yeti 2021: Top Full Guide

Pelican Tumbler Vs Yeti 2021: Top Full Guide

Tumblers may be saviors when traveling in scorching heat and need chilly water to quench your desire or any time it is super-chilly outside, and you require warm coffee or tea. This review considers two top-brand tumblers, termed pelican tumbler vs yeti, known for their superior class products.

These two tumblers have their own strengths and weaknesses, and also to find out more about them, Kingsley has produced a comprehensive overview of the two pelican tumbler and yeti.

Pelican Vs Yeti Tumbler

Yeti Tumblers

Without a doubt, Yeti knockoff tumbler is popularly famous for its world-class quality in regards to tumblers or coolers. You’ll be receiving a much better and more lasting product together with design, all at a reasonable price.

pelican tumbler vs yeti

Whether you would like to keep beverages cold or hot, YETI tumblers function in either choice. It may keep beverages at a constant temperature for as long as 24 hours, no matter the weather. And of course, YETI tumblers have a user-friendly layout and therefore are long-lasting products.

YETI tumblers comprise stainless steel, which is BPA free, nontoxic, and safe to use. The stainless steel also keeps the pure flavor of drinks stored inside. Additionally, YETI tumblers will also be approved by the FDA.


  • Permanent and lasts longer.
  • Keeps drinks hot or cold for as long as five times.
  • Retains the pure flavor of things stored inside.
  • Made up of odor-free and BPA complimentary substance.
  • Offered in 10 distinct colors and styles.


  • It delivers a five-year guarantee on its own products, while some other manufacturers provide a lifetime guarantee.

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Pelican tumblers

Pelican Dayventure Tumblers are constructed for extreme cold and heat retention and accessible at 16 or 22 oz. These durable stainless steel tumblers have an insulated, leakproof Tritan™ lid. The lid also includes a loop for attachment into your backpack. Pelican Dayventure tumblers are made to match most automobile cup, holders. So, no longer spilled coffee on your own drive to function.


  • Pelican’s Traveler Tumbler will help keep your beverage cold (and ice retention) or warm all day. It fits in just about any automobile’s cup holder and contains a spill-resistant sliding lid that is easy to start with one hand.
  • The purchase price is a good bargain for a tumbler with double-wall vacuum insulation, which keeps your beverage at the perfect temperature for hours.
  • Though the sliding lid is spill-resistant, it is not spill-proof, so if you throw the tumbler on the bag, it might flow.
  • The tumbler is guaranteed for life! Additionally, it is super easy to clean because it’s possible to take the slipping part of this lid away to wash independently.
  • The Traveler comes in many different colors, including an enjoyable seafoam blue.


  • The twist-on lid has been tough to get off and on. It gets misaligned quite easily and got stuck on events I gave it up altogether.
  • The soda lid is poorer than Engel and contains a protruding lip that, if bumped, opens the lid. So definitely not a bag safe.
  • The sipping hole is bigger, and also, you need to pool your liquid at the tip before ingesting it, which was a bizarre experience.

Differences Between Pelican And Yeti Tumbler

Yeti Tumbler

  • Yeti is the coolers and tumblers’ brand name and has set the standard that everybody else follows. For tumblers, that is no exception; nearly every other brand comes from the Yeti.
  • It is a straightforward tapered design with a thinner bottom to hold the cup very easily and thicker in the top to hold more liquid.
  • It’s a transparent plastic lid with a rubber seal that holds quite well if pushed into position. I don’t need to think about this falling off while drinking and getting my beverage to pour around my head.
  • Something you do not notice in the pictures is the lid is angled toward the sipping hole. Therefore if some liquid gets around the lid, it merely runs into the cup.
  • The sipping gap is broad and adequate for ingesting the liquid to pool somewhat as you wash it. It gives the impression you’re drinking from a mug.

pelican tumbler vs yeti - what is the difference

Pelican Tumbler

  • Double-wall vacuum insulation with aluminum plated interior wall provides intense temperature retention, keeping beverages cold or hot all day.
  • The spill-resistant lid comes standard with the slide closed. Competitor lids come standard with an always-open lid.
  • Features an ergonomically designed body that sits comfortably in hand and fits in around 99 percent of car and truck cup holders.
  • Food grade 18/8 stainless steel construction provides outstanding insulation.
  • Contains pelican’s legendary life warranty – you break it, we replace it. . .Forever.

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After reading this short article, we expect you’ll feel assurance by which tumbler to select, between Yeti and Pelican. But if you’re still considering them both, then, at last, we’ve produced a fast overview of the products.

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