Stanley Vs Thermos Food Jar 2021: Top Full Guide

stanley vs thermos food jar

If you’d like your favorite liquid to remain hot daily, have a look at our Stanley vs thermos food jar comparison chart. Get ready to warm up with a hot drink.

Whether you are heading out for a day of hunting, ice fishing, or enjoying the privacy of the winter course, a hot cup of java or a hot lunch could place off any weather. A bit warmer. The ideal thermos containers will differ from person to person. However, all of them have precisely the same attributes, making them the perfect picnic equipment.

We analyzed their durability, flow resistance, warmth retention, and general capacity. But one is far better than another; therefore, let Kingsley reveal the differences.

Stanley Vs Thermos Food Jar


You can not beat a classic as it comes to some fantastic thermos. The Stanley Classic ($40-45) has it at the title, and it has been a leading contender for thermoses because of its launch in 1913. Since then, there have been upgrades to the layout, but something holds: The vacuum insulation can keep liquids hot or cold for up to 32 hours and maintain ice for 160 hours.

It is somewhat heavier than some of its counterparts around the current market. However, there are various motives Stanley has been used for centuries.

Compare stanley vs thermos food jar

The thermos’ side’s grip makes it effortless to carry and pour, even while wearing gloves. The lid doubles as a cup; therefore, if the contents are too sexy to drink straight in the Thermos, pour the contents to the lid to cool quicker.

This timeless Hammertone green thermos retains about 2 L of liquid. The fantastic thing is that regardless of how big this Stanley Classic you opt for, it is lasting, won’t rust, and so is BPA-free. If you shut the lid properly, you can guarantee this Thermos will probably be leakproof. That means no worries of pitching this poor boy into a bunch onto a hike.

  • Ability: 1.9 L (64 oz.)
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds.
  • Pros: Leakproof, lasting, well-insulated
  • Cons: Somewhat heavy

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Thermos food jar

The soup thermos must come as no surprise that the Thermos manufacturer makes top-performing food containers hot. We especially found the King Food Jar notable. Its double-wall vacuum insulation maintained our creamy skillet warm in the morning to lunch (about five hours) while staying cool to the touch.

Even though somewhat more comprehensive than a number of the additional containers we analyzed, the Thermos includes a grooved design, making it effortless to hold. It includes a telescoping stainless steel spoon, which adds some weight to the available product but is rather convenient.

We discovered eating straight from the primary container to be simple, but in classic thermos construction, the lid doubles as a mini insulated serving bowl.

One Amazon reviewer notes, “There’s enough space for folding a little paper towel in the cup involving the thermos and the stopper so that you can clean up after your meal.”

In regards to clean up, there were not any challenging nooks and crannies to wash. The twisting stopper that homes the spoon is just one vital piece with a removable rubber band, and it does not conceal any outdated food.

Even though dishwasher-safe for the best stand, hand-washing is suggested. The container is strong enough to withstand a dozen tumbles or longer, though it will include a five-year warranty.

  • Ability: 1.2 L (40 oz.)
  • Weight: 0.75 pounds.
  • Pros: Dishwasher-safe, easy-pour work, Superior heat retention
  • Cons: Lid cup and seal Might Need to be replaced after a couple of years

What Are The Differences?


Deciding your thermos’ capability comes down to two factors: the planned activity and if you are sharing.

If you are heading out for a day of ice fishing, adhering to a Stanley classic will not be a matter, but if you are embarking on an ultralight backpacking trek, a thermos might not even cut.

Conclusion stanley vs thermos food jar

Consider just how much you generally eat or drink and if it is going to fit inside the thermos container. Jumping away from there, decide if it is only for you or if you are packing coffee or lunch for you and your spouse. In case you’ve got several people sharing a thermos, then a more significant capacity is best.


The insulating capabilities of a thermos are precisely what makes them so helpful. Many thermoses in the marketplace will use vacuum insulating material, but some might also utilize foam insulation. Vacuum insulation will function better than polyurethane, which makes it the standard for quality thermos manufacturers.

Vacuum insulation utilizes a dual-layer of material to make a distance between the walls. This gap of the atmosphere (the vacuum) is precisely what prevents heat from entering or escaping.


The majority of us bring our Thermos out for some reason or another. Therefore it ought to have the ability to take a beating. Top-quality thermoses are constructed with stainless steel of some type, at least to your thermos’ body. A stainless steel frame is more difficult to break, particularly in chilly conditions.

Many thermoses have another coating to make sure it is well-protected. Be mindful of this deal and the lid when considering durability too. Most thermos figurines have stainless steel exteriors, and also, the air-pressure lid is plastic since it is not directly vulnerable unless opened.

Another thermos layouts have all-plastic lids, and it is usually the first portion of the Thermos to neglect. Should it include a plastic lid, then double-check the guarantee or if replacement parts are available if something breaks.

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After considering the differences between these, we discovered things to nitpick. The Stanley was terrific to keep contents cold and hot and has a nostalgic appearance that most men and women recognize and adore, but it just felt too large for toting on daily life. Although the Thermos food jar comes from a punchy color and has been more comfortable to hold, it asserts to retain warmth for up to 3 hours, maybe not five.

The Stanley was slick, but the leather spoon and strap attachment felt just like a less sanitary alternative compared to the Thermos brand’s hidden spoon. For that reason, it is dependent upon your taste to have the ability to select the Thermos you would like to purchase the most.

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