Wall Oven Vs Range 2021: Top Full Guide

wall oven vs range

We’d probably all agree that the wall oven vs range is an essential part of a fully operational kitchen. Whether you cook every day or just a few times annually during the vacations, the oven is a significant portion of the activity. As you plan for your new kitchen, while it is a new construction project or a remodel of your current area, there’s 1 appliance query that will have to be answered at the start of the process as the area has been designed: Would you desire a wall oven or a range?

Like a lot of kitchen choices, there isn’t always a right or wrong answer, and there are definitely pros and cons to each choice; it comes down to your own cooking habits, your own distance, along with your budget. You might not require much oven area. Or, you might be an avid cook or baker who amuses weekly. Whichever the case, let Kingsley dig into the particular pros and cons of each decision.

Wall Oven Vs Range

Wall ovens are easier to get to than ovens in ranges. Since many are set up around eye-level, using the wall oven doesn’t need any bending, kneeling, or crouching. Many see this as a big”pro,” particularly when transporting hot foods.

The ease of accessibility of a wall oven may even enable cooks of all ages to utilize the appliance, making it the ideal option for an aging, in-place kitchen. Since the oven attribute onto a range is situated under the cooktop, obtaining this region will probably require bending, bending, and kneeling.

Compare wall oven vs range

Wall Oven

  • Look: Streamlined
  • Sizes: Standard
  • Care: Difficult
  • Setup: Sophisticated
  • Price: Expensive, and separate cooktop
  • Lifespan: 13 to 15 Decades


  • Look Focal point of the kitchen.
  • Sizes: Standard
  • Care: Easy
  • Setup: Simple
  • Price: less costly, based on manufacturer
  • Lifespan: 13 to 15 Decades

What Are The Differences?

Key Features

Wall Oven

Most wall ovens are electric, and besides, they have electric displays, so it is easy to observe the preferences. Another feature of making a wall oven appealing is that it is simpler to take care of hot cooked foods, hefty meals due to the oven’s elevation.


Ranges have as many features as wall ovens. But, it is possible to discover a gas range versus a gas wall oven readily. You will also find dual-fuel ranges that take advantage of electricity and gas. Ranges may also have double ovens and heating drawers, making a range of kitchen workhorse at a compact appliance.


Wall Oven

You will prefer the slick appearance of a wall oven. Door styles currently vary in wall oven models. The most usual style door onto a wall oven is your pull-down. There are side-opening swing doors and dual side-opening swing doors to make it easier to get the oven. Besides the streamlined appearance of a wall oven, acquiring another cooktop onto a counter provides a slick and linear appearance.


A range can provide a little more aesthetic worth, industrial glamour, and fashion than a conventional wall oven/cooktop scenario. Generally, the range has a more beefy, industrial vibe due to the front-facing knobs. If you adore the look and texture of a gourmet kitchen, the knobs could be an important selling factor in and of themselves. Or, you might prefer the expression of a copper hood over a range that may also function as a focus inside the kitchen. But, you can find slick variants of ranges, too.

Best for Appearance: Tie

It is appealing to have a kitchen with appliances that appear to easily melt in the wall, as it might using a wall oven and separate cooktop. But you might prefer the stately, ample appearance of a beefy range on your kitchen. In case you’ve got the space for either choice, it comes down to taste.


Wall Oven

The cooking capability will be the same if you’re considering one wall ovens vs range, which also comes using one oven. Where a wall oven may provide more cooking area is at the dual oven category. The dual wall oven sizes will include two equivalent, full-sized wall ovens, whereas 30, 36, or 48-inch range units won’t.


Ranges come in standard widths of 24, 30, 36, 48, and 60-inches and therefore are typically counter height so that they can slide right to their allocated area in a kitchen’s configuration. There are a couple of differences over the conventional dimensions to take into consideration.

The 48-inch range has two ovens, but one is considerably more compact than another and gives you more of an oven-and-a-half circumstance. The single range that will provide you two full-sized ovens would be your 60-inch, and also, a lot of kitchens don’t have enough room for a unit that large.

The range combines the oven and cooktop surface to a single appliance that occupies less space. In 1 swoop, you’ve coated your oven and cooktop demands in your kitchen, which is a significant benefit for people with a more compact area.

Best for Sizes: Tie

Based upon your own kitchen’s dimensions and settings, you will have the ability to obtain the perfect fit if you decide on a wall oven or a range. Even if you would like the luxury of using a dual oven, you’ll have it at a wall oven or even a range when you’ve got the space.

Repair and Maintenance

Wall Oven

A wall oven isn’t always simple to fix. It isn’t as readily accessible to some professional servicing the appliance because it is built into the walls. Additionally, if you need to substitute a wall oven, it might be an issue to reinstall a comparable unit in precisely the same area.


A range is frequently simple to fix and maintain. The rear of the appliance is readily available for a professional servicing the machine.

Best for Repair and Maintenance: Range

Like with any appliance, the more you take care of the range, the more repair and maintenance you will want. Additionally, it pays to understand that the high-quality, high-end ranges often require more maintenance and repair for the more complicated elements.


Wall Oven

The setup of a wall oven needs to be performed by a professional. An electric or gas wall oven necessitates hard-wring. But on the other hand, wall ovens do not have to be vented to the exterior (they’ve inner vents).

Additionally, a kitchen with a wall oven or oven(s) should also have a cooktop surface of some type. Now, two kitchen regions are devoted to cooking, thus taking up more valuable space in your kitchen. There isn’t any big deal for many kitchens as the area is large enough to accommodate both. However, you’ll double-check your installation expenses.

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A range only slides right into position between 2 base cabinets. Or, it may also stand alone without surrounding cabinetry. There is no requirement for virtually any cabinet personalization, and it averts counter space a different cooktop (and wall oven) do not provide.

Best for Setup: Range

A range is among the simplest appliances to put in a kitchen. More probable than not, you are going to decide on a slide-in electric or gas cooking range (instead of the infrequent drop-in model) that only has to be plugged in with the appropriate power cord to your socket and hooked up to the gas line should gas-powered.

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Wall Oven

Having so much space specializing in cooking appliances may be limiting, rather expensive. Using a wall oven could be costly as it requires 2 appliance purchases – range vs oven or a cooktop. The blend of a wall oven and separate cooktop can often cost thousands of dollars.


The expense of a range significantly varies depending upon personality and functionality. You can locate a trusted range for below $1,000, but many of these highest-end brands may cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Best for Price: Range

Monetarily speaking, the range is your very best value. You obtain your oven and cooking in 1 buy, and this may save you tens of thousands of dollars, obviously, based on the manufacturer you select.

Conclusion wall oven vs range


Whether you’ve got a wall oven or a range, the life expectancy is almost the same. A gas range (or even cooktop), nevertheless, gets the maximum longevity. It is going to last more than the electric range. A gas range continues around 15 decades, electric ranges and wall ovens may continue slightly less about 13 decades. Electric ranges and cooktops have elements that could wear down and crack with time. Gas ranges, cooktops, and gas wall ovens have ignitions that ordinarily weather better through the years.


Regardless of the pros and cons of a wall oven or a range, your choice boils down to whether you have the budget and space for a wall oven and separate cooktop. Additionally, it comes down to your own personality preferences along with your cooking customs.

The range could be limiting when it comes to cooking capability because unless you go for a more 60-inch range, you’re looking at your one-and-a-half ovens versus both full-sized ovens, which arrive with a dual oven pile. The majority of individuals don’t utilize 2 full-sized ovens on a normal basis. But, the ones that have just two full-sized double ovens frequently struggle with the idea of giving up this attribute on account of the convenience they provide when occasions arise which need that cooking area.

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