Wolf Vs Thermador Cooktop 2021: Top Full Guide

wolf vs thermador cooktop

The reign of ranges: Wolf vs Thermador cooktop. Much like looks, high-performance, versatile cooking features, and price point, the two brands are famous for superior professional reliability and quality, which stand the test of time. Which are the differences, and how can you pick? It comes down to the way you and your family members would love to experience baking and cooking.

Wolf and Thermador ranges are just two great brands famous for excellent client care, together with Wolf edging out the contest with a razor-thin margin. Wolf range stands with its head-turning iconic red knobs, which continuously create a familiar statement piece. The Thermador range, a trusted brand for more than 85 decades, is a little more understated on the outside but remains a stalwart from the Thermador appliances kitchen package lineup.

Both provide different features that speak to the current lifestyle and diet options. Thermador supplies a steam oven for baking bread, delicate desserts, and healthy steamed side dishes. Wolf offers precision and flexible cooking features using technologies like an infrared grill and induction cooking surfaces. Additionally, Wolf conveys a fantastic company culture about customer satisfaction that sets the firm apart from the other appliance makers.

Inside this guide, Kingsley will detail the Wolf and Thermador range to compare both of these high-quality brands and assist you in opting for the most suitable one for your loved ones.

Thermador Vs Wolf Range

Wolf Range Overview

Wolf has been producing professional cooking fittings for 70 decades. This brand has collaborated with all the Sub-Zero Freezer Company and has grown to the most critical kitchen-appliance producers globally.

Compare wolf vs thermador cooktop

In case it concerns the collections of the brand new, Wolf produces ranges chiefly in three different styles, including gasoline, induction, and double gas. Gas-operated areas provide liquid propane or natural gas into the rooftop together with the oven evenly.

In contrast, induction stoves come with an electric oven and an induction cooktop, offering more cooking power and exceptional self-cleaning options. However, dual-fuel ranges include an electric oven and a Wolf cooktop, precisely the same as induction stoves.

Thermador Range Overview

Thermador is a renowned company, producing high-quality ranges since 1932. In the beginning, this new fabricated built-in and mobile heaters. WitItgan producing kitchen ranges and so became one of the best kitchen-appliance producers in the world.

T with Thermador ranges come in two different variations, for example, Pro Grand and Pro Harmony. Pro Harmony ranges incorporate a depth of 24 inches. That’s precisely why those kitchen ranges easily fit in standard cabinets without sticking out.

On the reverse side, Pro Grand ranges are designed to use them commercially, especially at hotels and restaurants. They include a depth of 27 inches with numerous cooking options. First and foremost, they comprise a burner using 22 million BTU added skills.

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Wolf Vs Thermador Gas Cooktop – What Are The Differences?

Now that you know precisely what Wolf and Thermador ranges are, it is possible to comprehend the differences between the two of these kitchen ranges. To assist you, we’ll share a couple of factors where these cooking stations don’t agree together.


In case it has to do with dimensions, you may not detect any difference between Wolf and Thermador ranges. Both ranges typically arrive at 30, 36, 48, and 60 inches, whereas 48 and 60-inch levels of both companies give you double ovens.

Gas Systems

Both Wolf and Thermador range comprise gasoline, induction, or dual-fuel system. If you compare the contents of the identical gas program, you won’t detect any substantial difference. However, dual-fuel ranges are the perfect options compared to other men and women.

Heating Elements

Thermador ranges comprise a Star burner design, whereas Wolf ranges have burners using round the construction. As a consequence of this Star burner design, the Thermador contents efficiently transfer more warmth, which makes sure more outstanding heat distribution than Wolf ranges.

BTU Output

If it comes to BTU output, Thermador Pro Harmony versions include 18,000 BTU, and Thermador Pro Grand models have around 22,000 BTU. The Pro Grand models also include an ExtraLow burner for noodle meat, soup, and veggies.

On the reverse side, gas Wolf ranges comprise 15,000 BTUs, while dual-fuel Wolf ranges have approximately 20,000 BTUs. Quite like Thermador, some Wolf ranges can provide the capability to simmer a vast selection of foods at low temperatures.

Cooktop Combinations

Considering that Wolf and Thermador ranges are somewhat different in proportion, they could include various cooktop combinations. A 30-inch Thermador range typically contains 4 or 5 burners using example, although a 30-inch Wolf range features only four burners.

A 36-inch Thermador stove provides 4 or 6 burners with a built-in griddle or grill predicated upon the fuel system. By comparison, a 36-inch Wolf range can also include the identical assortment of burners but includes a griddle or a built-in infrared Charbroiler.

Along with this, a 48-inch Thermador stove has 6 to two burners and a grill or griddle. Or, it features four burners with a grill or griddle, six strands having an induction cooktop. However, a 60-inch Thermador range comprises six burners and a griddle or grill.

Again, a 48-inch Wolf range incorporates similar features to a Thermador number of the same size as typically. But, it might vary when built-in infrared Charbroilers, double griddles, and French tops. Therefore, you should choose one based on what cooktop mix you need.

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Oven Types and Performance

Thermador ranges naturally possess convection ovens, especially in 48 and 60-inch models. The ovens ensure even heat distribution through cooking surfaces, permitting you to prepare your dishes faster than other cooking options.

On the contrary, Wolf ranges comprise dual convection systems utilizing a couple of convection fans. They allow one to control the oven temperature and activate the lovers if you would like them. Consequently, in this scenario, we think Wolf ranges are the winner.

Core Components

Both Thermador and Wolf ranges have different elements. To begin with, Thermador ranges provide telescopic racks. It is easy to slide out with gripped handles. They also consist of touchscreen color TFT screens using a lot of functionality.

Apart from that, ranges from the maker, Thermador, provide you with a multi-point meat probe so that you can measure the internal temperature of your beef. Because of this, you can perfectly cook meat and meat-like elements together with safety.

Meanwhile, Wolf ranges have contemporary red knobs. They also provide touchscreen control panels and displays (for instance, Thermador). Like Thermador ranges, they have some racks that let you eliminate and include food quite quickly and safely.

Intelligent Features

Thermador ranges comprise a HomeConnect feature, which allows you to know when your meal is cooked. This is mostly a smartphone-based technology, which might likewise be worked remotely with voice management. You will possibly figure out the vital information about your range.

Wolf ranges but does not utilize this technology around now. Hopefully, the company will soon allow users to use this attribute in their own Wolf ranges. Generally, Thermador fields would be the better choice if you are looking for smart features.

Conclusion wolf vs thermador cooktop

Ease of Cleaning

For your information, gasoline ranges from Wolf and Thermador manufacturers don’t have the self-cleaning option, and that’s the reason they’re a little harder to clean than electric parts. However, Thermador ranges have improved gas burners. Consequently, they are marginally less challenging to wash.

The ranges that have a self-cleaning choice are comparatively simple to wash. Thermador ranges need 2.5 hours to wash all cooking areas, like cooktops and ovens. On the contrary, Wolf ranges need a bit more time to wash in comparison to Thermador ranges.


In the long term, both Wolf and Thermador provide top-quality ranges to their clientele. Whenever you likely prefer one over another, it may be somewhat tricky for you. You need to choose one that matters to your lifestyle, cooking, fashion, and home sitting.

Using an example, a 48-inch Thermador range typically has a steam oven option, though a Wolf variety of equal dimensions provides a significant French high and an infrared grill. If you would rather eat wholesome veggie side dishes, a Thermador range is fantastic. Otherwise, it would help if you went to get a Wolf range.

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